Webinar: Introduction to IP-XACT and Kactus2

Introduction to IP-XACT and Kactus2

26 January 2021, 9–12 (UTC +2)

In this webinar, we introduce the fundamentals of IP-XACT and discuss some practical issues to demonstrate the applicability of the de facto industry standard for intellectual property exchange. After this, we will present the Kactus2 project, an open-source IP-XACT tool environment, and the main design principles and functions of the tool.

The introductions are followed by a hands-on section in which participants will either execute tasks themselves (requires a preliminary assignment) or just follow the instructor doing typical design tasks with Kactus2. The hands-on will include e.g. packaging an existing RTL module in IP-XACT format.

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Participants who register for the hands-on will receive the instructions for the preliminary assignment by e-mail.







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