SoC Hub is an ecosystem initiative focusing on System-on-Chip co-development between Tampere University and companies. It brings the key players in SoC development together, helping companies increase their competitiveness and differentiate in domains where general-purpose computing is becoming inadequate. By joining forces, the ecosystem participants enable the tape-out of System-on-Chip designs while simultaneously boosting research and education on System-on-Chip design.


Our strategic aims are:

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Collaboration boost

  • Build an ecosystem with all the relevant stakeholders which enable the end-to-end process
  • Facilitate communication and sharing of ideas​ between the partners
  • Organize encounters that enable information exchange
  • Form relations with other ecosystems

Opportunity creation

  • Search, acquire and share knowledge on technologies, tools and processes​
  • Match industry needs with novel capabilities
  • Study financial feasibilities​
  • VLSI technology selection optimization​
  • Search for new business model, investment and funding opportunities
  • Increase opportunities through education – read more about the courses at Tampere University
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Increasing collaboration through projects

  • Collaborate with companies to develop innovative and beneficial research projects
  • Co-develop chips, subsystems and IPs​
  • Participating in national, EU level and academic projects
  • Read more about the projects

Founding team and research group


Meet the people