SoC Hub launch on 27 January 2021

SoC Hub launc on 27 January 2021
Find out why you should be interested in System-on-Chip design in the launch webinar of SoC Hub, organized as a part of Tampere Smart City Week conference on 27 January 2021.

The full-day webinar will provide an outlook for the domain as well as industry demands, and introduce the SoC Hub ecosystem that will reinforce the Finnish SoC expertise. Save the date now!

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10.00–12.00 Session 1: System-on-Chip Impact to Business

10.00–10.10 Event introduction

10.10–10.45 Keynote: Semiconductor world
Veijo Kontas, Nokia

10.45–11.00 European and national microelectronics competence creation 
Kari Leino, Business Finland

11.00–11.15 The importance of SoC Hub in wider regional economic development
Seppo Haataja Director, Smart Tampere Programme, Business Tampere

11.15–11.30 Tampere University education and microelectronics research strategy    
Jyrki Vuorinen, Dean, Tampere University

11.30–12.00 Why right now, why you should be interested? 
Ari Kulmala, Professor of practise, Tampere University

12.00–13.00 BREAK

13.00–15.00 Session 2: System-on-Chip Co-creation

13.00–13.15 What is SoC Hub about      
Timo Hämäläinen, Professor, Tampere University

13.15–13.30 The SoC Hub chip
Ari Kulmala, Professor of practise, Tampere University

13.30–14.15  Introducing SoC Hub partners
SoC Hub partners

14.15–15.00 Keynote: European collaboration: Scale4Edge project introduction        
Wolfgang Ecker, Distinguished Engineer, Infineon Technologies

15.00–15.30 BREAK

15.30–17.30 Session 3: System-on-Chip Future

15.30–16.00 Keynote: IC Technology update    
Marco Vrouwe, TSMC

16.00–16.30 Importance of Accurate Inertia Measurement in Future Autonomous Driving
Senni Laaksonen, VP Research and Development, Murata Electronics Oy

16.30–17.00 The Struggle of Future SoC and a Solution   
Tero Rissa, Principal Specialist, Xilinx Inc.

17.00–17.30 How can you get engaged, closing words and questions
Timo Hämäläinen, Professor, Tampere University








SoC Hub is funded by European Regional Development Fund and Business Finland